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    • Maintains the skin's pH: With the goodness of tea tree and aloe vera, Foamzo facial cleanser for acne prone skin will help you say goodbye to your stubborn acne and say hello to refreshed skin; tea tree provides protection against bacteria causing issues like acne and maintains the skin's pH while aloe vera helps in soothing the skin.
    • Parabens and Sulphates Free: Our acne face wash is created with plant-based ingredients and is free from the toxic parabens and sulphates which will cleanse your skin gently without ripping it off the essential oils, helping you look fresh with every face wash.
    • Anti-bacterial and Anti-Fungal Properties: Our tea tree and aloe vera exfoliating face wash not only cleans, hydrates, and refreshes your skin but also helps you fight various fungal and bacterial infections.
    • Makes Skin Firmer and Younger: Add instant freshness to your skin with the boost of aloe vera and tea tree; it will not only give your a refreshed look but will also add the necessary moisture and calmness.
    • Helps to purify skin and Remove dullness: Fight dullness away with every face wash, this foam cleanser will help you effectively wash away the dust, pollution and help you achieve clear, spotless skin.

    Foamzo Antibacterial Unisex Face Wash | Tea Tree and Aloe Vera | 100ml

    ₹149.00 Regular Price
    ₹99.00Sale Price
    50 Milliliters
    • Foamzo Tea Tree and Aloe Vera Face Wash: Created with nature, powered by science!

      Let your skin be treated with a luxurious face cleansing experience. Foamzo as a brand is associated with curating luxury within a budget The cleansing foam is formulated to suit both men's and women's skin. Backed up with intensive research, the product is formulated to ensure balancing of skin's pH. Created with love and free from any toxicity such as sulfates, phthalate, and parabens, our product is 100% vegan, so the next time you pick any foamzo product you can be well assured of the quality and ethics.

      The foaming facial cleanser contains the goodness of tea tree and aloe vera. Tea tree has anti-oxidant properties that provides effective cleansing to skin, making it refreshed. While aloe vera has soothing and moisturizing properties that help in replenishing the essential oils of the skin. Together, the combination of tea tree and aloe vera in a face cleanser will not only effectively purify your skin but will also keep it nourished and happy.

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